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Overview of N-DEx

What is N-DEx?

The National Data Exchange Program (N-DEx) is the first and only national investigative tool to exchange criminal incident data across local, county, state, tribal and federal justice systems. It was developed by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and was launched in March 2008. N-DEx is an investigative, operational, and tactical resource that enhances public safety. By enhancing law enforcement's ability to share, search, and access information and records, N-DEx helps protect the public; create connections and relationship between people, locations, and crimes; find suspects and identify victims; and bring separated investigations on connected cases together. N-DEx integrates separate law enforcement agencies’ records and systems to create a secure platform that law enforcement can access free and immediate information on cases in a real-time manner.

What N-DEx Does

N-DEx is a free and secure system that allows for instant, relevant information. N-DEx provides law enforcement with the ability to share, search, link, and analyze information, records, and reports without having jurisdictional or geographical limitations. The system integrates hundreds of millions of records from thousands of contributing agencies located across the nation, while allowing the agencies to maintain ownership and control of any data shared. Using the tools and features of N-DEx, law enforcement can discover and visualize relationships between people, locations, and events that may not have been discovered before connecting investigators from separate agencies and enhances their investigative powers.