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Getting involved with N-DEx

All law enforcement and eligible criminal justice agencies can get involved.

Ways to Get Involved

 Agency Contribution 

Agency contributions can be incident or case report information, arrest, booking, incarceration, probation and parole data to N-DEx. By submitting data, agencies enhance N-DEx services and value for their users.

Individual User

Users are personnel within an agency who want to search and utilize N-DEx services and capabilities. Users do need to be part of contributing  agency.

Steps to Submitting Data

  1. Contact the N-DEx Program Management Office (PMO ) to develop a strategy for contributing in coordination with the state's CHS  System Officer (CSO)
  2. Sign an N-DEx Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which can be accessed at www.leo.gov.
  3. Identify and map data to the current N-DEx Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD).
    • If needed, additional cost-free data mapping tools and services may be available
    • Contact the N-DEx PMO to find out about available resources.
  4. Connect through an existing CJIS Wide-Area Network (WAN ), an Internet based Virtual Private Network (VPN ) and/or send data on an external media device (CD, DVD, external hard drive, or thumb drive)

Submission Requirements

  • Agencies must adhere to national standards for efficient sharing of data.

How to be a User

  1. Obtain an application
    • Available at www.leo.gov or call the N-DEx fax-on­ demand number at 1-877-854-7596
  2. Complete the N-DEx/OneDOJ User Application with the Rules of Behavior (ROB )
  3. Process applications through the state's CSO or appointed point of contact for application verification
  4. Fax the application to the N-DEx PMO at (888) 550-6427
    • Additionally, users can access N-DEx, cost-free, through the secure portal LEEP. 



  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • CBT is the foundation of the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) education.
  • Train the Trainer
  • Flexible curriculum, designed to permit lessons to be tailored to the audience.
  • Instructional materials are compliant with the Federal Bureau of investigation’s (FBI) Police Instruction criteria.
  • Instruction is expected to take a minimum of one full day.
  • Class covers N-DEx capabilities and functions, building upon the CBT modules.
  • Analyst and Basic User Training
  • Provided at the request of the agency
  • Ability to meet user requests is solely dependent on resource availability and the training schedule
  • User Manual
  • Available in an electronic format via a link in LEEP and N-DEx
  • Divided into segments and is searchable from N-DEx utilizing the help button
  • Details all aspects of  N-DEx and explains all features in a step-by-step manner


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance through grant awards may be available to aid law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with funding for implementing and participating in N-DEx.

Current grant opportunities can be found by visiting www.grants.gov.