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Benefits of N-DEx


The National Data Exchange Program (N-DEx) is a nationwide tool for law enforcement to exchange criminal incident data across local, county, state, tribal and federal justice systems. The benefits of a real-time, secure system for which law enforcement can search, share, and collaborate information are incalculable. N-DEx is an investigative, tactical, and strategic tool that enhances an agency’s overall abilities and the safety of the public and law enforcement. 

Additional Benefits

  • All law enforcement and eligible criminal justice agencies can contribute and be users.
  • Users can search and use services and capabilities at no cost, regardless if their agency is submitting data.
  • Web services are being developed for data submitting agencies; once in place, agency users can access local, regional, and federal incident information systems in a one stop shop for analysis.
  • Users can sign up for notification of query hits when a connection is found in new or updated contributing data