Midsize Agencies division

The Midsize Agencies Division (MSA) is dedicated to providing a voice within the IACP for the leadership of law enforcement agencies comprising 50 to 999 sworn officers, as well as a forum for these leaders to share the unique challenges and opportunities in policing that emerge from departments of this size. The Division is further committed to embracing and leveraging the special capacity and flexibility of these agencies to innovate and drive progressive change within the profession, with the goal of better policing worldwide.

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All IACP members who represent agencies with 50 to 999 sworn are welcome and encouraged to join. IACP membership is a prerequisite. Division dues are $50.

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Division Leadership

General Officers

General Chair - Chief Paul Williams, Springfield, MO

First Vice Chair - Chief Steve Menke, Olathe, KS

Second Vice Chair - Chief David Rausch, Knoxville, TN


Regional Chairs

West Coast – Chief Sandra Spagnoli, Beverly Hills, CA

Mountain SW – Chief Jimmy Perdue, North Richland Hills, TX

Midwest – Chief Ken Burton, Columbia, MO

Southeast – Chief Kelvin Wright, Chesapeake, VA

Northeast – Chief Ed Walsh, Taunton, MA

At-Large - Vacant

(see Rule 11 in the IACP Constitution for definition of Midsize regions)



2017 Midyear Conference - April 10-12, Phoenix, AZ. Registration information coming soon!

2016 Annual Meeting,  9am-noon, October 15, San Diego, CA | Room 28AB San Diego Convention Center

2016 Midyear Meeting, March 31 - April 2, Washington, D.C.

2015 Annual Meeting, October 24, 2015, Chicago, IL

2015 Midyear, February 26-28, 2015, San Antonio, TX

2014 Annual Meeting, October 25, 2014, Orlando, FL

2014 Midyear, March 2014, New Orleans, LA

2012 Annual Meeting, October 1, 2012, San Diego, CA

2012 Midyear, May 2012, Alexandria, VA

2011 Annual Meeting, October 22, 2011, Chicago, IL

2011 Midyear, March 24, 2011, Alexandria, VA




Division Brochure

Midsize Cover

Midsize Police Agencies: Surviving, Thriving, and Forging a New Business Model for Law Enforcement in a Post-Recession Economy




Policing Mid-Size Cities—A Call for Research and Advocacy

Out of the Shadows – Policy Research for Midsize Law Enforcement Agencies – A Call for Action





 "Policing Mid-Size Cities—A Call for Research and Advocacy," Community Policing Dispatch, Office of Community Policing Services, December 2009