Domestic Violence model Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for law enforcement officers in response to domestic violence calls. Officers shall be expected to do the following:

• Establish arrest and prosecution as a preferred means of police response to domestic violence

• Take appropriate action for any violation of permanent, temporary, or emergency orders of protection

• Afford protection and support to adult and child victims of domestic violence

• Promote the safety of law enforcement personnel responding to incidents of domestic violence

• Provide victims or witnesses of domestic violence with support and assistance through cooperative efforts with community stakeholders in order to prevent further abuse and harassment or both

• Complete thorough investigations and effect arrest of the predominant aggressor upon the establishment of probable cause

It is the policy of this department to provide a proactive, proarrest approach in responding to domestic violence. The primary focus shall be on victim safety followed closely by perpetrator accountability. The officer shall attempt to determine the predominant aggressor and arrest him or her. Officers should not arrest a person who acted in self-defense as defined by state statute.


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