Body-worn cameras Model Policy

IACP Model Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

Working with chiefs, legal experts, and law enforcement practitioners, IACP developed a Model Policy: Body-Worn Cameras, and a Body-Worn Cameras Concepts and Issues Paper discussing the use and application of this technology in operational contexts. The Model Policy, which was published April 2014, is available below in both PDF and MS Word formats, to assist agencies in creating a policy that reflects their specific implementation objectives and operational practices. 


Body-Worn Cameras: Building a Secure and Manageable Program for Law Enforcement

In addition to these documents, the IACP co-sponsored the Symposium on Body-Worn Cameras: Building a Secure and Manageable Program for Law Enforcement, on January 21, 2016, together with the Police Foundation, Major Cities Chiefs Association, and SafeGov. Videos of presentations and workshops at that event can be found HERE.

IACP Technology Policy Framework

In addition to the Model Policy, the IACP also published the Technology Policy Framework in January 2014. This document identifies nine universal principles to guide agencies in the development of effective policies associated with virtually all forms of technology, and suggests factors to incorporate when crafting those policies. The proper implementation and enforcement of policies can help ensure that agencies realize the unique value of technology in contemporary policing, while protecting the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of citizens. The  document can be found HERE.