Frequently Asked Questions

How many students make up a full LPO course?
36 – Students are then split into “teams” of 6 and will continue to work within those groups throughout the three weeks.

How many weeks is LPO?
3 weeks – generally run for one week per month for three months.

Who teaches LPO?
Current and recently retired law enforcement, public safety, and military leaders vetted by IACP and evaluated every week in the classroom. These individuals are police Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants who meet the quality standards established by IACP.  For a list of IACP certified LPO National and Master Instructors, click here. 

What is the cost for a LPO course?
Typical cost is about $450 per student, per week for tuition.  This price varies with each location, as the price is determined by the actual expenses (GSA lodging and meal per diem for the host location, actual airfare costs, etc.) of bringing our instructors to the host location; there is no “set” student tuition price.

Who can host this course?
The program can be exported to any location where a training facility is available.  Training locations have varied from training academies and hotel meeting rooms to local community centers.  Agencies can host a LPO program with attendance limited only to their agency or they can choose to host an “open-enrollment” LPO course.

How does an “open-enrollment” course work?
In this scenario, we will contract with the main agency and they will determine how many seats of the 36 available they will fill with internal personnel; the additional seats will then be opened up to surrounding agencies.  Depending on the number of seats an agency wants to fill, it may be beneficial to determine the level of interest in the surrounding area, and to see if there are any agencies that could potentially co-host an open-enrollment program.

Why is LPO a positive investment in leadership and change? 
Student groups work on organizational change projects throughout the course and solutions are presented during the last week of class to the command staff. Results of these projects have included annual budget savings, changes to protocol to create a safer environment for officers, and the creation of state laws written by LPO students, to name a few.

Is LPO POST Certified?
The IACP has worked with agencies to receive POST certification for this course.  While the IACP does not actively seek POST certification for every state, we are happy to assist your efforts in accomplishing this.

How do I host a LPO?
Contact the IACP’s Training and Professional Services Division at or 703-836-6767.