The IACP Law Enforcement Information Management (LEIM) Section provides law enforcement executives, IT managers, and technology specialists with a forum in which to share information, best practices and lessons learned regarding state-of-the-art law enforcement information management, communications and interoperability, technology standards, and information sharing, analysis and fusion. The LEIM Section is comprised of over 700 chiefs and information technology professionals from agencies of all sizes, jurisdictions, and geographies. Every state in the US is represented, as are four Canadian provinces and 9 other nations, ranging from Austria to the Philippines. 

The LEIM Section will host a Business meeting 8:00am - 10:00am on Monday, October 26, 2015 at the McCormack Place West Convention Center in room W186C, in Chicago, Illinois, as part of the IACP Annual Conference. Please join us there to learn more about the LEIM Section and to meet your colleagues.

 40th Annual LEIM Conference

Planning is well underway for the 2016 LEIM Conference, which will be held May 23-25, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the LEIM Conference and we plan to recognize this achievement with special events. We will be posting our Call for Presentations on September 1, 2015 and will open Conference Registration in October. Exhibit and Sponsor opportunities will open in early October as well. Mark your calendar and plan now to attend and participate in the 40th Annual LEIM Conference!

IACP and the LEIM Board of Officers recently concluded the 2015 LEIM Conference in San Diego, California. The event addressed a host of critical issues in law enforcement technology planning and management, and attracted over 600 attendees representing 42 states and international representatives from Canada, Bahamas, Denmark, England, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, and Sweden. Presentations from the 2015 LEIM Conference are available HERE.

LEIM Section Subgroup on LinkedIn LinkedIn

The LEIM Section of IACP has created a Subgroup of IACP on LinkedIn. The LEIM Section Subgroup is open to all IACP LEIM Section members. If you are not already a member of the LEIM Section, Join Today!

The LEIM Section Subgroup is our initial effort to build a dynamic community of practice among law enforcement executives, operational managers, and information technology professionals. The primary objectives are to enable LEIM Section members to share best practices, lessons learned, and issues of common concern. We will feature discussions of new and emerging technologies, evolving policies and practices, and challenges faced and overcome in planning for, implementing, and managing technology. Join the LEIM Section Subgroup of IACP and actively participate in substantive discussions with your peers.

  • LEIM Board of Officers
    The LEIM Section is governed by a Board of Officers, elected by the LEIM Section Members.  2015-2016 LEIM Board of Officers (PDF)
  • License Plate Reader Project
    The LEIM Executive Board sponsored development of a Privacy Impact Assessment Report for the Utilization of License Plate Readers (PDF). The objective was to assess the impact LPR systems can have on the public’s privacy interests and to establish recommendations for the development of information management policies intended to govern an agency’s operation of a LPR system.
  • Membership
    All IACP members with an interest in effective planning, deployment, and management of technology are invited to join the LEIM Section. IACP Membership is required. Law enforcement professionals at every level qualify for membership in the IACP. Chiefs and Command Staff qualify as Active Members; other sworn and civilian employees of law enforcement agencies may qualify as Associate Members. Researchers, analysts, and solution providers may also join IACP and the LEIM Section. Click HERE for IACP and LEIM Section Membership. 
  • Contact
    For more information, contact David J. Roberts, Senior Program Manager, IACP Technology Center & LEIM Section Liaison (800-843-4227, ext. 858).

Presentations from past LEIM Conferences, International Conferences, and Annual Conference Technology Institute Tracks workshops are posted in the Conference Archives.  

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