IACP J. Stannard Baker Leadership in Highway Safety Award

The IACP J. Stannard Baker Leadership in Highway Safety Award annually recognized individual law enforcement officers and others who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to highway safety. The award is sponsored by the IACP, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety.

For an individual to receive this award, they must first be nominated by a law enforcement agency or other traffic safety group or official; and secondly, be a fulltime law enforcement officer of a state, county, metropolitan, or municipal agency or be an individual who has made a significant lifetime contribution to highway safety, such as a traffic engineer, educator, judge, prosecutor, or motor vehicle examiner.

The award presentation occurs in conjunction with the IACP Annual Conference. Award recipients are invited to attend the Annual Conference. Travel expenses to the Annual Conference, the cost of registration, and three nights stay at a designated hotel are provided to each recipient.

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For further information, contact awards@theiacp.org