IACP News 08-26-2014

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  • NIJ and FBI Team Up to Test Sexual Assault Kits

    Addressing the issues surrounding the testing of sexual assault kits (SAKs) is one of the most complex challenges facing the U.S. criminal justice system. What kinds of kits are not sent to the lab for testing? Once at the lab, what are the most effective ways to test and track them?

    To help find the best strategies, methods and procedures for dealing with SAKs, the FBI and NIJ have formed a research partnership to develop improved practices and policies for law enforcement and crime labs.

    State and local law enforcement agencies will submit their eligible SAKs to the FBI, and NIJ will gather facts and data about the processing of the cases. The goal is to develop more effective tools and strategies for evaluating the methods and procedures now used, improve practices, and inform future policies and decisions.

    The FBI will enter eligible DNA profiles into the National DNA Index System (NDIS), a component of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Experts believe that increasing the number of profiles in CODIS will increase the potential to solve other crimes.

    Learn more about the partnership.

  • Law Enforcement Gets Involved in Ice Bucket Challenges

    Law enforcement agencies across the United States are joining in the newest way to raise money for diseases and issues they consider important.

    Officers and staff are getting drenched in ice water to raise awareness (and money) for ALS, autism, the Officer Down Memorial page, and other important causes, and challenging their peers to do the same.

    Check out these videos of the challenge:

    Massachusetts State Police
    Louisiana State Police
    Tennessee Highway Patrol
    Kansas Highway Patrol

  • Hands Across Borders – Reducing DUI Deaths on U.S. Highways

    Drunk driving related deaths on U.S. highways know no boundaries. That's why state police from Alabama and Tennessee—as well as Madison County and Lincoln County, Tennessee, Sheriff's offices—are teaming up this weekend and over the next three weeks for a high-visibility campaign known as Hands Across Borders.

    Leading up to Labor Day weekend on Sept. 1, they'll be focusing on DUIs, seat belt violations and distracted driving. Their ultimate goal: to keep the number of DUI-related deaths on U.S. state highways and rural roads to zero.

    Read more.







  • IACP President Yousry Zakhary's Statement on the Review of the DOD Excess Property Program
  • Mid-Rank Officers Can Apply for Scholarship to Attend IACP 2014

    To support the integration of evidence-based research into police operations, the National Institute of Justice is funding 10 need-based practitioner scholarships for mid-rank law enforcement officers to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Expo on October 25–29, 2014.

    This scholarship program is for mid-level career police professionals with demonstrated experience partnering with academic-based or other researchers to implement research initiatives in their departments.

    Scholarship recipients will be given full access to IACP conference workshops and the exhibit hall in addition to an exclusive educational program designed by NIJ and the IACP Research Advisory Committee. The scholarships are all-inclusive, covering the cost of travel, conference registration, per diem expenses and accommodations.

    Applications are due by September 5 close of business. Learn more about how to apply.

  • IACP Summit on Police-Community Relations to Be Convened


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