IACP Foundation / Motorola Leadership Initiative

With an extraordinary half-million dollar grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation for $100,000 per year for a period of five years, the Center for Police Leadership will continue to develop as a training and resource center for police departments around the world, providing on-site training and technical assistance as well as developing police leadership publications.

The mission of the IACP Center for Police Leadership is to deliver law enforcement leadership training through a systematic, career-long approach from entry level to retirement through its flagship program, the Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) curriculum.

The program is sequential and comprehensive in developing police leaders that are of proven maturity and character so that police departments throughout the world function efficiently and effectively while serving their respective communities.

The Center for Police Leadership has a variety of training options available to departments, and classes can be held either by geographic region or within a specific agency.

For more information on the Center for Police Leadership click here.

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