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The Excellence in Law Enforcement Research Award recognize law enforcement agencies that demonstrate excellence in conducting and using research to improve police operations and public safety. The goal of this award program is to promote the establishment of effective research, especially partnerships among law enforcement agencies and researchers.

The award program is overseen by IACP's Research Advisory Committee and is open to all federal, state, county, local, tribal, campus and other law enforcement agencies worldwide (private corporations or individuals excluded).  Agencies compete for the award by submitting a description of their research and its impact on the agency, community, and the profession of law enforcement. Judges will take agency size and capacity into consideration when selecting finalists. Three awards (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) are given annually. Two representatives from each winning agency will be provided with complimentary conference registration, transportation costs and three nights lodging at IACP’s Annual Conference, where an event to recognize the winning agencies will be held.

To enter, law enforcement agencies must submit an application, which must be postmarked no later than August 1st, 2016 12 AM EST to the IACP.

Components Necessary for Award Submission.

Download the Nomination Criteria

Award application


Award criteria focus on: 

  • Uniqueness of Research:  Demonstration that the agency's research is a unique approach aimed at studying perplexing issues the agency faces and providing recommendations for improvement.  Note:  Replication of research done elsewhere is acceptable.
  • Quality of Research:  Evidence of the quality of research including research capacity of the project team, research design, statistical methods, and analytical approach. 
  • Leadership:  Demonstration that research efforts are an organizational priority, endorsed and promoted by the agency leadership.
  • Partnerships:  Explanation of the nature of the relationship with internal and external partners (such as educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental research agencies, community organizations, community volunteers, and the court system).
  • Performance Monitoring:  Outline of methods to evaluate the efficacy of the agency's efforts and its impact within the agency and the community it serves.


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