Highway Safety Committee

This committee shall study, consider, and evaluate all matters pertaining to policies, practices, standards, and rates of state and municipal policy organizations relating to traffic accident investigation, traffic records, traffic patrol, traffic law enforcement, organization and administration, and other highway safety functions that may be responsibilities of the membership of the Association; report to this Association for dissemination to its members and interested agencies information and recommendations for the improvement of police traffic management and the promotion of highway safety; make recommendations to the Traffic Institute of Northwestern University relating to its traffic police training programs; and make recommendations to the Association and other interested organizations and agencies of needed research projects essential to optimum highway safety programs by police agencies.

Highway Safety Membership Roster (in PDF)

Law Enforcement Policy Recommendation to Reduce Distracted Driving (in PDF)

Highway Safety Committee's Organizational Chart (in PDF)

2009 Highway Safety Committee Goals (in PDF)

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Enforcement Technologies Advisory Technical Subcommittee (ETATS)

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Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Subcommittee

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is a planned and coordinated process by multiple public disciplines and private sector partners to detect, respond to, and remove traffic incidents and restore traffic capacity as safely and quickly as possible.The Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Subcommittee, working with Highway Safety Committee and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is operating to address safety, operations, training and outreach initiatives related to TIM nationally; promote TIM policies, procedures, and training in the public safety community while maximizing the overall effectiveness of TIM strategies and resources; enhance existing TIM programs while providing necessary resources to those jurisdictions new to TIM; and support relationships and understanding between TIM disciplines.

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