IACP Conference Badges

IACP Conference Badge Brochure
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The IACP's conference badge collection efforts have resulted in the assembly of more than 30 badges from IACP annual meetings held between 1893 and 1951. Those that are in the IACP's possession, or for which the IACP has obtained photographs, are displayed on a special poster that was created for the IACP 2010 Conference in Orlando.

The goal in this part of our history initiative is to complete the collection. Please let us know if you have one of the missing conference badges that are listed to the right, and if so, whether you would be willing to donate the badge to the IACP or allow us to borrow it so that it can be photographed for our collection.

The Association remains actively engaged in the general collection of items that are of historic significance to it including conference photos and programs. If you have any of these items or questions about this program, please contact IACP Past President David G. Walchak or Meredith Ward at IACP headquarters for further information.

We Are Seeking The Following Conference Badges:

1894 - Saint Louis, MO
1895 - Washington, DC
1896 - Atlanta, GA
1897 - Pittsburgh, PA
1898 - Milwaukee, WI
1900 - Cincinnati, OH
1902 - Louisville, KY
1904 - Saint Louis, MO
1905 - Washington, DC
1906 - Hot Springs, AR
1907 - Norfolk, VA
1909 - Buffalo, NY
1912 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1916 - Newark, NJ
1917 - Washington, DC
1918 - Kansas City, MO
1919 - New Orleans, LA
1920 - Detroit, MI
1923 - Buffalo, NY
1925 - Indianapolis, IN
1926 - Chicago, IL
1928 - Colorado Springs, CO
1929 - Atlanta, GA
1933 - Chicago, IL
1944 - Cleveland, OH
1945 - Miami Beach, FL
1947 - Duluth, MN
1950 - Colorado Springs, CO