Gun Violence Reduction

The proliferation of violent crime in the United States and the criminal acquisition and use of firearms are critical issues for law enforcement. The IACP Gun Violence Reduction Initiative includes two projects to address gun violence.

IACP and the Bureau of Justice Assistance Initiatives



The IACP’s partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to improve law enforcement’s capacity to interdict firearms trafficking and disrupt gang activity has a history of success and steady growth. The IACP with support from the BJA provides no-cost training and technical assistance to the law enforcement community to improve their gun violence reduction and prosecution efforts. In collaboration with other federal and national Project Safe Neighborhoods partners, the IACP provides site specific, regional technical assistance sessions to support PSN, a multi year federal initiative through the Department of Justice. For more information on no cost training, technical assistance, products and services through the IACP and BJA initiatives, click here.


IACP and The Joyce Foundation Initiatives


This project supported by the Joyce Foundation, a Chicago-based organization that promotes programs and strategies that will aid in reducing gun violence in the Great Lakes States. Issues of great concern to both Joyce and the IACP include: illegal gun trafficking, officer safety, domestic and family violence, illicit drug markets and their tie-in to firearms and gang-related violence. The 2011 Reducing Gun Violence in Our Communities: A Leadership Guide for Law Enforcement on Effective Strategies and Programs report has been produced as a result of the IACP and Joyce Foundation collaboration. This report is a companion document to the 2007 Taking a Stand: Reducing Gun Violence in Our Communities report-information gathered from the Great Lakes States Summit on Firearms Violence, April 9-11, 2007 in Chicago, IL. The 2008-2009 initiatives include several Law Enforcement Leadership Roundtables on Gun Violence held in critical cities in the Great Lakes region. For more information on the GLS Summit and on IACP and The Joyce Foundation joint initiatives, click here.

Firearms resources, statistics and no cost training materials


  • Firearms Digest

    The Harvard School of Public Health recently launched a new online firearms digest that compiles and summarizes research findings on firearms and gun violence. This new source is ideal for law enforcement; using topical searches under headings such as domestic violence, homicide, and crime, law enforcement can now easily incorporate research findings in the development of best practices and prevention strategies with respect to firearms violence. The Firearms Research Digest, funded by The Joyce Foundation, features clear summaries of research published in academic journals and links to the actual studies. This searchable database currently covers six years of research, from 2003 to 2009, and is being expanded to include articles dating back to 1988.

    The Firearms Research Digest can be found at:


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