Geddes Police Department, NY

Geddes Police Department, NY


Chief Michael Walsh, of the Geddes Police Department, NY likes to hear the community's impressions and thoughts about their police department. Does the community think the department is doing a good job? What programs would they like provided? What can be improved in areas like traffic enforcement? “The survey helps us remain responsive to the community needs and concerns,” says Chief Walsh.




A student from the Syracuse University Maxwell School conducted the survey at no charge to the department. Agency involvement was relatively minimal (a few meetings and some phone calls), as the student does the work. Chief Walsh feels the survey is more impartial since it is conducted by a third party rather than by the police department. He plans on doing the survey every three years.


Organizational Benefits


The survey is used as a public relations tool, a planning tool and as a basis for grants. For example, if the survey shows that the residents want more traffic enforcement, and they feel that we are not meeting their needs, we would include that information in a grant application for traffic safety initiatives.


If you are interested in posting your surveys on the IACP Website, please contact Christina Horst.