Gang And Gun Violence Reduction

Gun Violence Reduction

The IACP’s partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to improve law enforcement’s capacity to interdict firearms trafficking and disrupt gang activity has a history of success and steady growth. The IACP with support from the BJA provides no-cost training and technical assistance to the law enforcement community to improve their gun violence reduction and prosecution efforts. Often in collaboration with other federal and national Project Safe Neighborhoods partners, the IACP provides site specific, regional technical assistance sessions to support Project Safe Neighborhoods, a multi year federal initiative through the Department of Justice.


The criminal acquisition and use of firearms in the United States continues to plague law enforcement officials and the communities they serve. The increase and spread of violent crime, in particular crimes committed by juveniles, must be specifically addressed to decrease the number of gun-related deaths and injuries that negatively impact the quality of life in our communities. Easy access to firearms by prohibited possessors directly affects the level of violent crime in America today. Law enforcement must employ effective enforcement tactics and policies that include community-based intervention and prevention with an emphasis on collaboration with all vested partners.


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Project Safe Neighborhoods- A National Program to Reduce Gun Crime: Final Project Report

In February 2009 Michigan State University presented their final assessment of the national PSN program to the National Institute of Justice. To read the analysis and recommendations, please click here.


Project Safe Neighborhoods to include Anti-Gang initiatives!

The goal of this training is to improve the level of knowledge, communication, and collaboration involved in addressing the criminal gang issue affecting communities throughout the nation. The curriculum is based on current policies and proven practices and strategies in the criminal justice field. The training is a collaborative effort among federal partners. Instruction is provided by experienced practitioners and subject-matter experts at no cost to attendees. This training was developed in accordance with the U.S. Department of Justice Initiative for Safer Communities to deliver comprehensive anti-gang prevention, enforcement, and prisoner reentry training for state and local law enforcement and related partner organizations.

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GangTECC and NGIC are composed of investigators and analysts from ATF, BOP, DEA, FBI, ICE, USMS, NDIC and local law enforcement and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

National Gang Intelligence Center
NGIC supports anti-gang efforts by law enforcement through analysis of federal, state, local and tribal intelligence on the growth, migration and criminal activities of gangs and helps target those gangs which are the most significant threats to communities throughout the United States.

To contact GangTECC/NGIC, call:
1-800-366-9501 or 202-324-1775
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Reducing Gun Violence in the US:
An IACP Initiative to Create Safer Communities.

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