For 25 years, the IACP Foundation has been working to improve the lives of law enforcement officers and their families by supporting the families of fallen officers through the Fallen Officer Fund, providing scholarships to children of fallen and injured officers, highlighting best practices in the field, disseminating pertinent research to the field, and by providing direct grants to officers and departments to provide training and tools for success.

To launch our next 25 years, the IACP Foundation will build on our rich history and will focus on connecting, strengthening and supporting even more law enforcement families in the aftermath of a serious injury in the line-of-duty.

In 2013, the FBI reported that over 14,000 law enforcement officers were injured in the line of duty and 76 were killed. For many officers, injuries that would have resulted in death just 10 years ago are now survivable but leave these heroes with long term, career limiting or ending injuries including traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and PTSD.

With limited resources and numerous challenges facing these traumatically injured officers, the IACP Foundation is focusing its efforts and resources on this underserved group and is proud to announce our new vision and mission.

Chief Cook

Thank you Chief Cook of the Alexandria City Police Department for your support of our new vision!




The IACP Foundation is working with leading injury authorities including physicians, psychologists and legal experts in addition to Chiefs, injured officers and family members to ensure that we build strong alliances and programs so that heroes #NeverFeelAbandoned.  

Interested in learning more or joining our Advisory Board? Please contact Diana Wisler Beckmann via e-mail or at 1-800-THE-IACP.