Charles and Claire Blauer Scholarship

Charles and Claire Blauer Scholarship

Endowed by the Blauer family of Blauer Manufacturing Company, Inc, in honor of their parents Charles and Claire Blauer, this scholarship will provide a $1,000.00 award to one recipient annually. 

2012-2013 School Year Awardee

Anthony “Scotty” Powell, Jr., Scotty’s father, Anthony Powell, Sr., has been an enforcement officer with the South Carolina Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division since 1990. Officer Powell has enforced many and varied wildlife violations, in an effort to keep our natural resources safe and intact. In particular was an incident of suspected poaching of Loggerhead Seat Turtles in which his knee was badly injured; and a subsequent event which reinjured the same knee. 

In 2004, Officer Powell suffered a fractured pelvis and broken hip joint will in the course of enforcement duties during a massive storm on the coast. After recovering from that injury, Officer Powell was called on to respond to rescue efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina. While searching house to house for survivors, Officer Powell located a victim whom he was carrying to safety when his previously injured knee tore again, disabling him. 

Scotty is described as having “character beyond reproach” and an emphasis on “attitude, achievement, and a dedication to family and ethics”. Scotty realizes that his father’s actions and work ethic have made a real difference in the world and he wants to do the same. Scotty is attending the University of South Carolina at Beaufort.

2011-2012 School Year Awardee

Brennan Zotovich
 - Attending Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana

Melissa Boals-Zotovich served as a Police Officer for the City of Fullerton, California and, in December 1983, responded to a report of a traffic crash with injuries.  Upon her arrival, she observed a one-vehicle crash involving truck that had collided with a building.  That truck was found to contain pesticides.  Officer Zotovich secured the area and requested response from the HAZMAT Team, but was exposed to the area for several hours while the scene was treated and cleared.

The following evening, Officer Zotovich fell ill and was diagnosed with pneumonia, from which she took two months to recover and returned to work.  One week after returning to her patrol duty, she was dispatched to another HAZMAT scene involving a spill of cyanide.  Upon her arrival, she assisted in evacuating the area, which was largely residential.

Shortly after this second exposure, Officer Zotovich developed additional lung problems and was again diagnosed with pneumonia.  Over the course of the next five years, Officer Zotovich struggled with recurring, repeated respiratory issues.  It was ultimately determined that her illness was the result of the chemical exposures encountered in the line of duty.  She was medically retired from the police department on an industrial disability.

2010-2011 School Year Awardee

 Erinn McNew - Attending Washington State University

Officer McNew worked as a canine handler with the City of Oakland, CA Police Department.  During agitator/decoy training with fellow handlers, an accident resulted in a serious injury to his shoulder.  Subsequent surgery and physical therapy failed to resolve the problem and led to his disability retirement.

Erinn has ambitiously earned her Associates in Arts degree while attending high school and looks forward to continuing her education to realize her life long ambition of becoming a large animal veterinarian.  “While we live, let us then live” is her favorite saying.

2009-2010 School Year Awardee

Severin Erickson - Attending Michigan State University

Severin's father, Trooper Byron J. Erickson of the Michigan Department of State Police, died as a result of complications from injuries sustained in an automobile accident during the pursuit of a suspected stolen car.

Severin believes that education and knowledge assist people in being more effective and accomplished in their lives and he is interested in molecular biology and wants to work with DNA in hopes of finding solutions to genetic diseases.

2008-2009 School Year Awardee

Cheryl Schultz received one of the first Foundation scholarships awarded in 2007-2008.Cheryl is the president of COPS New Mexico and is the surviving spouse of Officer Kevin Schultz, who worked for the Santa Fe Sheriffs Department and Pojoaque Tribal Police.  Officer Schultz gave his life while rescuing a drowning twelve year-old boy from the Rio Grande River. 

The boy survived, but Officer Schultz did not, leaving behind Cheryl and their son Kaegan.  Cheryl is a returning student to the University of New Mexico and hopes, through her continuing education and compelling work with the COPS New Mexico organization, to build a more solid future for her family.

2007-2008 School Year Awardee

Allyson Rose - Attending Massasoit Community College

Allyson says, "My father, a Boston police officer who was killed in the line of duty, was a very hard worker.  I would like to be like him in that way."


For three generations, Blauer Manufacturing has set the standard for protection, performance and innovation and has been a long-time supporter of the IACP and the IACP Foundation.