First-line leadership Training

  • How does your agency prepare future leaders?
  • How does the community influence your agency’s mission?

If you are interested in hosting a First-Line Leadership training event in your area, please complete our co-host request form and a staff member will contact you with more information. Please reference the facilities checklist to ensure that you are able to meet the co-host requirements. To attend a future training, please register at the links listed below.

Upcoming Training Events
Training Design

First-Line Leadership training events are:

  • Three days in length.
  • Limited in size with up to 36 students per event.
  • Interactive and intensive. The training will be delivered using a variety of interactive teaching methods whereby participants will be continuously engaged with trainers and other attendees. For enhanced learning, participants will also be required to complete pre and post-training assignments.
  • Inclusive of participants from all ranks and agency sizes to provide opportunities for networking and information sharing.
  • Taught by experienced law enforcement trainers using a peer-based model. Curriculum developed by program advisors who are subject matter experts with significant executive level law enforcement experience.
Training Content

The training curriculum is organized into three primary course modules that focus on the various aspects of leadership development. The core areas include:



  • Exploring leadership concepts
  • Assessing individual leadership styles
  • Examining motivation and bases of power



  • Assessing the organization’s culture and identifying the mission, vision, and values
  • Strengthening communication and implementing change
  • Fostering leadership through mentoring & succession planning



  • Conducting community needs assessments
  • Developing partnerships in the community
  • Maintaining transparency and accountability to the community



Eligible participants must be a sworn or non-sworn member of a law enforcement agency, serving or aspiring to serve in a supervisory role as an executive, command staff, or first line supervisor.

Previous Training Events:
  • July 2010 (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • September 2010 (Indianapolis, IN)
  • January 2011 (Austin, TX)
  • March 2011 (Charlotte, NC)
  • May 2011 (Portland, OR)
  • August 2011 (Providence, RI)
  • September 2011 (Pierre, SD)
  • November 2011 (Jackson, MS)
  • February 2012 (Phoenix, AZ)
  • May 2012 (Denver, CO)
  • July 2012 (Havana, FL)
  • August 2012 (Douglas, WY)
  • November 2012 (Minneapolis, MN )
  • April 2013 (Okeechobee, FL)
  • April 2013 (Johnston, IA)
  • July 2013 (Concord, NH)
  • September 2013 (Spokane, WA)
  • March 2014 (Parker, CO)
  • April 2014 (Middletown, VA)
  • May 2014 (Newcastle, OK)
  • July 2014 (Crowley, TX)
  • September 2014 (Waretown, NJ)
  • October 2014 (Galveston, TX)
  • November 2014 (Niceville, FL)
  • March 2015 (Columbus, MS)
  • April 2015 (Westbrook, ME)
  • May 2015 (Clinton, MI)
  • June 2015 (Harrisburg, PA)
  • July 2015 (St. Anthony, ID)
  • August 2015 (Baltimore, MD)
  • September 2015 (Dennis, MA)
  • November 2015 (Woodway, TX)
  • January 2016 (Helena, AL)
  • February 2016 (Bellingham, WA)
  • March 2016 (Sidney, OH)
  • April 2016 (Franklin, WI)
  • May 2016 (Sparkill, NY)
  • June 2016 (TA Bismarck, ND)
  • August 2016 (Lexington, NC)
  • August -September 2016 (Clovis, NM)
  • September 2016 (Traverse City, MI)
  • September 2016 (Appleton, WI)

Please contact First-Line Leadership program staff at: