Firearms Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To advise and serve the IACP on firearm related matters of concern to the membership.


Mission Statement:

As the IACP’s principal advisor on firearms related issues the Firearms Committee collects and evaluates relevant information from a variety of sources in order to give thoughtful consideration to current firearm related matters of concern to the membership and to identify emerging ones. The committee operates under guidance from its Chair to create a vision and the strategies and tactics to achieve that vision coinciding with the overall objectives of the IACP. The committee identifies best practices, recommends programs of action and training, and drafts resolutions supporting new or current policies for the consideration of the membership. The committee works in collaboration with the IACP membership, its leaders and staff and by forging alliances with its law enforcement and criminal justice system partners on the local, state, federal, and international levels and with non-governmental organizations as well.



For more information, contact Courtney Mariette, staff liaison.