IACP Visiting Research Fellows

The IACP is the largest law enforcement association in the United States, numbering over 22,000 members, consisting primarily of chiefs or command-level staff from federal, state, county, local, tribal, and private law enforcement agencies. Programs and services provided by the IACP to its membership include policy development, legislative support, management studies, training, technical assistance, program development, and research. This fellowship program focuses on the area of law enforcement leadership, policy research, and program evaluation. Fellows working with the IACP will be assigned to the Research Directorate. Under the supervision of the Director of Research, the Fellow will:

1. learn cutting edge leadership concepts applicable to their current rank and future promotion to higher leadership levels,
2. review and become familiar with current and emerging law enforcement policy issues,
3. participate in the development of research or evaluation projects,
4. attend various law enforcement policy meetings, and
5. provide direct support to various law enforcement policy research projects underway at the IACP.

Research and evaluation topics will include violence, police ethics, community policing, performance standards, training, and information technology.

The Fellowship program is designed to maximize each fellow's exposure to law enforcement policy issues on the national level. The benefits of the fellowship program are two-fold. IACP headquarters staff gain insight of practicing law enforcement professionals, thus improving the quality of IACP policy and research efforts. The Fellow returns to his/her agency with greatly expanded skills in the areas of leadership, policy development, long-range planning, program implementation, and evaluation-based research.

Fellow Qualifications:

  • Must be a sworn officer
  • Must be recommended by chief of department
  • Must have rank of Lieutenant or greater

For more information contact John Firman.

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