Board of Directors

Board of Officers


Terrence M. Cunningham
Chief of Police
Wellesley Police Department (MA)

Immediate Past President

Richard Beary
Chief of Police
University of Central Florida
Police Department (FL)

First Vice President

Donald W. De Lucca
Chief of Police
Doral Police Department (FL)

Second Vice President

Louis M. Dekmar
Chief of Police
LaGrange Police Department (GA)

Third Vice President

Paul M. Cell
Chief of Police
Montclair State University
Police Department (NJ)

Fourth Vice President

Steven R. Casstevens
Chief of Police
Buffalo Grove Police Department (IL)

Vice President at Large

James R. Craze
Chief of Police
Greenbelt Police Department (MD)

Vice President at Large

Richard E. Smith
Chief of Police
Wakefield Police Department (MA)

International Vice President

Patrick Stevens
Chief Superintendent
Belgian Federal Police

Vice President Treasurer

Dwight E. Henninger
Chief of Police
Vail Police Department (CO)

General Chair SACOP

John W. Letteney
Chief of Police
Apex Police Department (NC)

General Chair S & P

W. Steven Flaherty
Virginia State Police (VA)


Peter L. Carnes
Chief of Police
Stonehill College Police & Safety

Executive Director

Vincent Talucci
Executive Director/CEO

Executive Committee

At-Large #1

Vince N. Hawkes
Ontario Provincial Police

Group 1: Seat 1


Group 1: Seat 2

Steven M. Pare
Commissioner of Public Safety
City of Providence (RI)

At-Large #2

Rick D. Scarbrough
Chief of Police
Clinton Police Department (TN)

Group 2: Seat 1

Vernon M. Keenan
Georgia Bureau of Investigations

Group 2: Seat 2

Bernadette A. DiPino
Chief of Police
Sarasota Police Department (FL)

At-Large #3

Joseph H. Lumpkin Sr.
Chief of Police
Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (GA)

Group 3: Seat 1

Paul F. Williams
Chief of Police
Springfield Police Department

Group 3: Seat 2

Kriste K. Etue
Michigan State Police

At-Large #4

Matthew Langer
Minnesota State Patrol

Group 4: Seat 1

John R. Batiste
Washington State Patrol

Group 4: Seat 2

Ken A. Walker
Chief of Police
West University Place Police Department (TX)

Railroad Police Section

Thomas A. Mengel
General Director Police Operations
& Assistant Chief
Union Pacific Railroad Police Department (NE)

Indian Country Section

William Denke II
Chief of Police
Sycuan Tribal Police Department

University/College Police Section

James C. Lyon
Chief of Police
Augusta University Police Department (GA)

Agency Size 1-15


Agency Size 16-25

Wade K. Carpenter
Chief of Police
Park City Police Department (UT)

Agency Size 26-49

Mary E. Gavin
Chief of Police
Falls Church Police Department (VA)

At-Large #5

Will D. Johnson III
Chief of Police
Arlington Police Department

At-Large #6

Wayne Hall
Chief of Police
University of Louisville Police Department (KY)

At-Large #7

Ellison E. Greenslade
Commissioner of Police
Royal Bahamas Police Force

At-Large #8

Lianne M. Tuomey
Chief of Police
University of Vermont
Police Services

At-Large #9

Gregory W. Rushin
Chief of Police
Plano Police Department (TX)

At-Large #10

William G. Brooks
Chief of Police
Norwood Police Department (MA)

At-Large #11

Sandra R. Spagnoli
Chief of Police
Beverley Hills Police

At-Large #12

Charles R. Press
Chief of Police
Key Biscayne Police
Department (FL)

At Large #13


At-Large #14

Kathleen M. O'Toole
Chief of Police
Seattle Police Department (WA)


Clive L. Weighill
Chief of Police
Saskatoon Police Service

Agency Size 50-99

Cynthia E. Renaud
Chief of Police
Folsom Police Department (CA)

Agency Size 100-249


Agency Size 250-499

Sean E. Duggan
Chief of Police
Chandler Police Department (AZ)

Agency Size 500+

Edward A. Flynn
Chief of Police
Milwaukee Police Department (WI)

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