IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award


The IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award is presented annually at the IACP Annual Conference and Exposition. Awards are presented to an individual who holds a management or leadership position in police aviation and/or an aviation program or unit that exemplifies excellence in airborne law enforcement. The awards emphasize initiatives to enhance the general level and safety of operations, accident prevention programs, and the efficiency and effectiveness of airborne law enforcement. Efforts eligible for recognition can range from the unit level to the national or international level, including rotary, fixed-wing, or unmanned aircraft operations.


Nominations are to be submitted by a head of a component or agency who holds current membership in the IACP. Submissions are to be no more than two pages in length plus a cover letter on agency letterhead. Nominations may be accompanied by no more than a total of three additional pages of photographs or supporting documentation. No video or audio recordings will be accepted.

The award recipient, will be invited to attend the IACP Annual Conference where the individual will be honored during IACP's Annual Banquet. Travel expenses (airfare up to $500) to the Annual Conference, the cost of one registration, and three nights' stay at a designated hotel are provided to the award recipient.

Deadline Date: CLOSED

Application: Submit nominations to awards@theiacp.org

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