Employing Returning Combat Veterans as Law Enforcement Officers

Supporting the Integration or Re-Integration of Military Personnel into Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement


In partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the IACP and Klein Associates Division/ARA have undertaken a significant project to support returning combat veterans in law enforcement, their families, and their agencies. With the support of many combat veterans in law enforcement, we were able to identify transitional challenges facing these veterans who are returning to or starting a career in law enforcement.

Since July 2010, the IACP has distributed over 20,000 Veteran’s and Leader’s guidebooks that will serve as fundamental tools in supporting our nation’s veterans, whether overseas or in their communities in law enforcement careers. In May 2011, the IACP released the Family guidebook which provides guidance and support for family members of deployed law enforcement officers and tips for law enforcement agencies on how they can support their deployed officer’s family.


Project Deliverables


Family Guidebook
Veteran’s Guidebook


Leader’s Guidebook & Training Curriculum


Marketing Tools for Recruiting Veterans into Law Enforcement


Additional Publications:

Employing Returning Combat Veterans Findings and Recommendations from Field Research - September 2009 (PDF)

For more information about the Returning Combat Veterans Project, please contact, militaryveterans@theiacp.org
For information regarding career’s in law enforcement and job opportunities, please visit http://discoverpolicing.org