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A joint effort of the Office for Victims of Crime and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)


Model Policy, Concepts and Issues Paper, and Training Key on Law Enforcement Response to Victims of Crime

One of the most effective methods to implement change is incorporating the initiative into your policies and procedures. The Model Policy on Response to Victims of Crime, an accompanying Concepts & Issues Paper, as well as a Training Key for educational instruction are now available at no charge to law enforcement agencies. These documents will assist your department in the implementation of the Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims Strategy. Integrating these documents can be a short-term goal that is created under the "Starting" section in Volume 2: Implementation Guide or a part of developing a detailed action plan in the "Implementation" section of Volume 2: Implementation Guide.

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Model Policy on Response to Victims of Crime
The purpose of this policy is to emphasize that an effective response to the needs of crime victims is an integral part of the law enforcement mission. This essential function, performed by both sworn and civilian personnel, should address victims' needs by establishing a sequence of support as victims progress through the various phases of the criminal justice process.

Response to Victims of Crime Concepts & Issues Paper
This paper is designed to accompany the Model Policy on Response to Victims of Crime established by the IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Center. It provides essential background material and supporting documentation on the developmental philosophy and implementation requirements of the model policy. This material will be of value to law enforcement executives in their efforts to tailor the model policy to the requirements and circumstances of their communities and their law enforcement agencies.

Training Key #640: Response to Victims
This 6 page training tool allows law enforcement officers to expand or sharpen their knowledge, skills and abilities on responding to victims of crime. It is ideal for roll-call training and formal classroom instruction as well as independent study, and includes questions and answers to test and document student learning. Download Now.