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Next Meeting:

SACOP Annual 2016

October 13-15, 2016

San Diego, CA

Registration: Register, free of charge, for the IACP SACOP Division Annual Meetings. The division meetings will run October 13-15, and will be conventionally located in the San Diego Convention Center.

Getting around San Diego: The San Diego Convention Center, is conveniently located 3 miles from San Diego International Airport, less than one mile from the Amtrak Station, and in close proximity to most hotels.  

Agenda: The agenda for the 2016 IACP Annual Conference can be found here. The IACP SACOP Division Annual Meeting agenda will be released in the coming months.  

Lodging:  All the information on hotels and housing for the conference can be found here.  

Who we are:

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SACOP serves as the organizing body for the individual state associations of chiefs of police. SACOP also functions as the coordinating body between the state associations and the IACP membership as a whole, facilitating the exchange and dissemination of information related to a host of important topics in law enforcement. 

The SACOP membership is comprised of:

  • The presidents of the individual state associations
  • The state representatives who serve as the state’s SACOP liaison
  • The executive directors who manage the associations

With this diverse but specific membership, we are able to hear issues not only from chiefs themselves, but also from the association as a whole. Having the executive directors as members offers us an opportunity to learn more broadly about the issues in each state. SACOP allows us to reach members of the individual state associations who may not be members of the IACP.

The membership is also divided into four regions: North Atlantic, North Central, Mountain Pacific, and Southern. For a map of the states in each region click here.

What we do:

  • Create policy guidance on timely and relevant topics in law enforcement
  • Facilitate and encourage dialogue between local law enforcement and our state and federal partners
  • Provide tools and resources for members to manage their individual association more effectively
  • Provide training programs and presentations on a wide array of subjects to our membership
  • Create training projects and workshop topics generated from our membership
  • Oversee the SafeShield Committee, which works to promote officer safety
  • Oversee the Smaller Department Section to represent the unique needs of small and rural agencies


SACOP Executive Committee


Past Meetings/Conferences

Current SACOP Projects:


Officer Safety has always been a issue of paramount importance for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). As police leaders, the IACP membership understands that it is their responsibility to provide officers with the best training and equipment available in order to ensure their safety in the face of the numerous and varied threats they face each and every day.

For these reasons, in 2002, the IACP Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACOP) created the SafeShield initiative. Dedicated to protecting our nation’s law enforcement officers, SafeShield’s organizing philosophy is that law enforcement leaders cannot accept the proposition that accidents or injuries are a reality of the law enforcement profession. The only acceptable belief is zero officers killed or injured. SafeShield’s goals are as simple as they are critical:

  • Identify problems and threats impacting officer safety; and
  • Find solutions that incorporate improved policies, training, equipment, and uniforms.

The SafeShield Committee is made up of committed IACP/SACOP members who are focused on officer safety. It is the belief of SafeShield that although Chiefs have limited control over dangerous situations an officer may face in the line of duty, they can control the outcomes through comprehensive planning, proper preparation and the use of protective equipment.

The Smaller Department Section

The Smaller Department Section is charged with identifying and responding to the needs of smaller law enforcement agencies (50 and fewer sworn officers and populations of 50,000 and fewer). These include, but are not limited to, policy issues, training, staffing, resource allocation, and the unique challenges confronting smaller law enforcement agencies. Closely aligned with the IACP Smaller Law Enforcement Agency Program, the section focuses on guidance for law enforcement executives, leadership and management, operations, community outreach, and more.

This section, housed within the IACP Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP/SACOP), emphasizes the role that SACOP plays in being the voice for local law enforcement and works to amplify the voice of the smaller agency. While housed in IACP/SACOP, this section is for all members of IACP who fit the above criteria and are interested in enhancing their department through participation in this section.


NHTSA Initiatives

SACOP High Visibility Enforcement Support

High visibility sustained enforcement efforts throughout the year, coupled with earned and paid media coverage has proven successful as an effective tool to address aggressively the impaired driving problem on state and local levels. Enforcement efforts were developed to assist law enforcement with planning and implementing certain specific enforcement strategies during the crackdown periods and sustained year long dedicated enforcement.

The IACP Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACOP), under a grant funded by the NHTSA, undertook a nationwide project to measure and enhance the level of local agencies’ support for and participation in impaired driving enforcement efforts.


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