New Police Chief Mentoring Project - Police Chiefs Desk Reference

Police Chiefs Desk Reference: A Guide for Newly Appointed Police Leaders

This reference is a major component of the New Police Chief Mentoring Project (in conjunction with the Smaller Law Enforcement Agency Technical Assistance Program) and is designed with the newer chief in mind. The Police Chiefs Desk Reference (PCDR) contains a wealth of resources to assist chiefs in their role as a police executive. The PCDR also helps executives connect to their state associations though state specific resource supplements.

PCDR 2nd Edition

PCDR State Resource Supplement

The PCDR is designed to be a living document, one that allows for the insertion of new products, including a state specific resource supplement. The New Police Chief Mentoring Project is collaborating with state chief's associations from around the country to add new and update existing state resource supplements. These supplements are available on this website as well as the state association's website and can be downloaded and added to the PCDR binder.

Keep watching this site for the availability and/or update of your state's resource supplement.

What’s in the Police Chiefs Desk Reference

Law enforcement leaders from around the country who share a desire to pass along their knowledge and experience with their peers contributed many of the writings. It is a compilation of over eight years of effort on behalf on the Smaller Police Department Technical Assistance Program supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice.

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