Defense Chiefs of Police Section

Defense Chiefs of Police Section

The Defense Chiefs of Police Section represents the unique interests of military and civilian law enforcement within the Defense establishments of IACP members. The Defense Chiefs of Police Section promotes an exchange of information and develops standards for increasing the efficiency and capabilities of each law enforcement agency that provides service to our Military Services and Defense Agencies. While there is overlap with local, state, and federal policing, the unique needs of Defense law enforcement require a unique level of service, one that combines the culture of education with the tenets of crime prevention, security, and public order. The Section represents this perspective to the larger law enforcement community.



The mission of this section is to allow its members to develop and promote professional relationships among its members and the IACP, and to increase the efficiency and capabilities of each law enforcement agency that provides service to a Military Service and Defense Agencies. This will be accomplished by providing educational opportunities, training, promoting effective leadership, sharing information, and mentoring our future leaders.



Section membership is open to individuals* who are now, or have been, engaged in or responsible for providing law enforcement services within their respective government’s Military Services or Defense Agencies. Section members will promote and develop beneficial relationships with each other, the IACP, the private sector, and our individual communities. *(Provost Marshal, Security Chief, Security Forces Chief, Chief of Police, Chief of Security, Director of Public Safety, Director of Emergency Services and Deputies of the same)



The Defense Chiefs of Police Section held its first official meeting at the 117th IACP Annual Conference in 2010. The Section will hold its annual meeting at the IACP Annual Conference and a mid-year meeting in the spring. Please see Section membership e-mails on latest information regarding upcoming meetings.


General Chair: Mike Dolata, Jr., Colonel, Command Provost Marshal/Protection Director, US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM)
General Vice Chair: Russell Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel, Commander Washington CID Battalion, US Army Criminal Investigation Command
Officer-at-Large: Brian Frei, Lieutenant Colonel, Canadian Forces Military Police
Officer-at-Large: Donald Bohn, Jr., Chief, Watch Desk, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
IACP Staff Liaison: Ryan Daugirda, Project Coordinator II, IACP

Past General Chairs:
2010-2012: Robert Stanford, Lieutenant Colonel/Provost Marshal, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC
2012-2014: Tracy Williams, Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost Marshal General, U.S. Army
2014-2016: Robert Delaney,  Brigadier General, Canadian Forces Military Police Group/Canadian Forces Provost Marshal

For more information, contact IACP Staff Liaison Ryan Daugirda at or 1-800-843-4227 extension 851.