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Join hundreds of dedicated professionals from federal, state, county, local and tribal agencies in Denver, Colorado, August 13-15, for the 22nd Annual IACP Training Conference on Drugs, Alcohol, and Impaired Driving.

The IACP DRE Section has hosted this annual training conference since 1994. This training conference provides certified drug recognition experts, physicians, toxicologists, prosecutors, and other traffic safety professionals with a forum in which to share information, best practices and lessons learned in law enforcement drug recognition settings. Though the technology and practices have changed and are constantly evolving, the conference provides consistent training, professional development, and a national forum for drug recognition experts and others with a professional interest on a broad array of new and emerging issues. 

The annual training conference features a mix of plenary sessions and concurrent workshops that are designed to keep attendees up to date on the latest practice and science of drug recognition. This year, topics will include the traffic safety implications of ending marijuana prohibition, the use of Oral Fluid Testing for DUID, and improving DRE evaluation and report writing, among many others. Networking events enable conference attendees to meet new colleagues and establish a professional rapport that often extends well beyond the event.

This event is not open to the general public, and is limited to sworn officers, first responders, and civilian employees of public safety and government agencies. Public safety includes offices of police, sheriffs, EMS, fire service, hazmat and park rangers from federal, state, city, county, campus and tribal agencies. Credentials required at check in. 

A special thanks to the Colorado Department of Transportation for assistance during this event!

IACP PositionS:

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the IACP DRE Section strongly opposes the legalization and the illegal use of marijuana, particularly when used in combination with driving.

Details on the IACP positions can be found here:

  1. Opposition to the Legalization of Marijuana by States for “Recreational” Purposes
  2. Supporting the Collection and Reporting of Data on THC Extraction Laboratories to the Drug Enforcement Administration


The IACP does not support any conference events, presentations, or outside activities that may promote or appear to support marijuana use, sales, or legalization that could take place in the surrounding areas during the time frame of this conference. Any such events that may take place prior to, during, or after the conference are not supported or sanctioned by the IACP or the IACP DRE Section and not part of the conference training.  

For any questions on this please contact the conference team at

Conference Highlights

Law enforcement practitioners attending the conference have consistently identified the following five key takeaways from the conference:

  • Networking opportunities with other agencies and practitioners 

  • Networking opportunities with industry-leading solution providers 

  • Substantive workshops with practical, relevant content 

  • Excellent speakers and exceptional facilities

  • New insights and knowledge to address operational issues at home 

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