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Join hundreds of dedicated professionals from federal, state, county, local, and tribal agencies in Nashville, Tennessee, August 13-15, 2018 for the Annual IACP Training Conference on Drugs, Alcohol, and Impaired Driving (DAID).



The IACP, working in conjunction with the IACP DRE Section, has hosted this annual training conference since 1995. The DAID Conference provides certified drug recognition experts and other DWI enforcement specialists, physicians, toxicologists, prosecutors, and other transportation safety professionals with a forum in which to share information, best practices, and lessons learned in law enforcement DWI investigations. Though the technology and practices have changed and are constantly evolving, the conference provides consistent training, professional development, and a global forum for drug recognition experts and others with a professional interest on a broad array of new and emerging impaired driving issues.

The DAID Conference features a mix of plenary sessions and concurrent workshops that are designed to keep attendees up to date on the latest practice and science of impaired driving with a focus on drug impairment detection and recognition. This year, topics will include: emerging drug trends; the expanded use of Oral Fluid Testing for DUID; issues surrounding cannabis legalization; the opioid crisis; administrative hearings and courtroom testimony; alternatives in sentencing measures; among many others. Networking events enable conference attendees to meet new colleagues and establish a professional rapport that often extends well beyond the event.

DAID Conference attendees can expect to experience and/or gain:

  • Diverse and substantive workshops with practical, relevant content
  • New insights and education that can be operationalized immediately upon returning home
  • Well-respected and knowledgeable speakers and exceptional facilities
  • Networking opportunities with other agencies and practitioners

This event is not open to the general public. Attendance is open to drug recognition experts, physicians, prosecutors, toxicologists, sworn officers, first responders, and civilian employees of public safety and government agencies. Public safety includes offices of police, sheriffs, EMS, fire service, hazmat, and park rangers from federal, state, city, county, campus, and tribal agencies.

Credentials required at check in. 


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