Police chiefs, commissioners, sheriffs, constables, security officers, investigators, colonels, city managers, public safety directors, instructors, highway safety specialists, police science coordinators, brigadier generals, doctors, senior research fellows, sergeants, criminal investigators, psychologists, attorneys, management analysts, border patrol agents, inspectors, human rights officers, coroners and handwriting examiners—all comprise our vast membership.

Active membership in the IACP is open to chiefs and superintendents of police as well as command- and administrative-level police officers in public law enforcement agencies. Active members have the right to vote and determine official IACP policy, and to elect association officers at the annual conference.

Associate membership is available to those involved in practicing or teaching law enforcement and/or security who are not encompassed in the supervisory-level positions as mentioned above. Associate members enjoy the same benefits as active members, except they do not have the right to vote on the election of association officers or to determine effective association policy, or the right to run for office.

All new IACP members must be sponsored by an Active member in good standing. Membership dues are $120 per calendar year.

For more information about membership, please contact Christian Faulkner.

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