Community policing & crime reduction


This section examines community policing and crime reduction techniques and their effect on community members. Community policing is evolving to meet the new expectations that emerge in the 21st century. This section examines the role law enforcement officers play in intervention and prevention and how that relates to crime reduction. Relationship and partnership building as well as interactions with youth are also themes in this sectcion.


Building Communities of Trust: A Guidance for Community Leaders

The Effects of Adolescent Development on Policing

Improving Law Enforcement Responses to Adolescent Girls

Reducing Violence and Crime on our Streets: A Guide for Law Enforcement Leaders

Youth Focused Policing Agency Self-Assessment Tool

Reports & Publications

NEW: Practices in Modern Policing: Police-Youth Engagement

IACP National Policy Summit on Community-Police Relations: Advancing a Culture of Cohesion and Community Trust

IACP National Summit on Law Enforcement's Leadership Role in Juvenile Justice Reform

Nationwide Survey of Law Enforcement Executives on Juvenile Justice

Articles & Blog Posts

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Other Resources

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