Human and Civil Rights Committee

This committee shall study, consider, and determine those programs, policies, and initiatives that will enhance law enforcement's role in strengthening and protecting the civil rights of all people. The committee will work to set professional standards for human and civil rights policy and will develop a clearinghouse of information for police agencies seeking to implement programs to increase efforts designed to safeguard human and civil rights.


Human and Civil Rights Awards
The committee also reviews and administers the annual IACP Human and Civil Rights Award to recognize outstanding law enforcement achievements in protecting civil and human rights. For more details about IACP's Human and Civil Rights Awards, past winners, and submission criteria click here


2017 Explorers Project

The project allows young adults interested in law enforcement to shadow police chiefs & law enforcement executives at the IACP Annual Conference on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. View the flyer and register to be a mentor here. 


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