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Officer safety and wellness has always been the IACP’s top priority. It is the position of the organization that that no injury to or death of a law enforcement professional is acceptable. The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness was created with the vision of establishing a cultural shift within all law enforcement agencies by emphasizing the values of safety, health, and wellness as they impact officer performance. The Center fosters the development of these values through educational materials, strategies, policies, training, and tools and resources.


The Center focuses on all aspects of an officer’s safety, health, and wellness, both on and off the job from recruitment and academy training to on-the-job and retirement. Safety topics include mandatory vest-wear and seatbelt-wear policies, vehicular safety, and situational awareness. The Center also educates officers on how to improve overall health through physical fitness regimens, nutrition recommendations, and drug and alcohol awareness. Lastly, the Center examines the often overlooked notion of personal wellness, which includes maintaining a work-life balance, mental health, and wise financial decision-making. These issues are just as important to an officer’s wellbeing as his/her ability to complete a physical fitness test or tactical training.


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How Can You Contribute?


To support the mission of the Center for Officer Safety and Wellness, IACP calls upon its members to provide recommendations, best practices, and first-hand experiences to share with the law enforcement community. IACP will continuously solicit the best information, tools, and resources to bring to members’ attention.


Please contact the Center at if you have officer safety and wellness best practices to share or wish to suggest a specific safety and wellness topic that you would like to see addressed.


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