Officer safety and wellness has always been the IACP’s top priority. Our organizational belief is that no injury to or death of a law enforcement professional is acceptable.

The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness takes a holistic approach to officer wellness by addressing the challenges in policing at all stages of an officer’s life cycle, including recruitment, early career, advanced career, and retirement. The mission of the Center is to instill a culture of safety and wellness in international policing from recruitment to retirement. The Center serves as a thought leader in synthesizing wellness information into the tools and resources that will affect a cultural mindset change toward wellness throughout an officer’s life cycle.

Life Cycle Approach

The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness will focus on four key stages of an officer’s life: recruitment, early career, advanced career, and retirement. Each of these life cycle stages presents unique challenges to maintaining officer wellness.  Click on each stage below for information and resources.

For Law Enforcement Executives

Law enforcement executives are presented with unique challenge and opportunities when it comes to officer safety and wellness. The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness recognizes this and provides information and resources specifically tailored to this position.

How Can You Contribute?

To support the mission of the Center for Officer Safety and Wellness, IACP will continue to call upon its members to provide recommendations, best practices, and first-hand experience to share with the law enforcement community. IACP will solicit the best information, tools, and resources and bring them to members’ attention. The Center will also routinely survey members’ priorities related to protecting their officers and work to fulfill their most pressing safety and wellness needs.

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Please continue to check back often as the Center will provide new information regularly.

Please contact the Center at if you have officer wellness best practices to share or have a specific safety and wellness topic that you would like addressed.

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