Eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising are key to overall well being and are particularly important for officers given the demands of the job. The resources below will be helpful for agency seeking to build out their health and nutrition education programs. 



Supporting Officer Safety Through Family Wellness: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation. Sleep deprivation takes a toll on an officer’s wellbeing. This infographic discusses the effects on the body and other dangers associated with sleep deprivation and offers helpful suggestions for families of law enforcement. 




Fitness Considerations Guide. Fitness and wellness programs are an important part of reducing officer injuries on the job. This guide provides law enforcement agencies with tips and recommendations on how to start a fitness/wellness program within an agency.


Eating Well on the Go - Leadership Guide. This fact sheet provides information on how agencies can provide education and support to improve officer nutrition and well-being, highlighting the impact nutrition has on an officer’s performance, ranging from long-term affects to shift-by-shift consequences.

  Eating Well on the Go - Officers' Guide. This pocket-sized brochure gives officers nutritious options for meals on the go, including guidance on which items to choose and which to skip for breakfast, snacks, and a main meal.


Doctor's Visit Checklist - This helpful brochure contains recommended questions officers can pose to their physicians addressing common medical concerns affecting law enforcement personnel.  

Training Keys

IACP has several Training Keys®  related to health and fitness. Training Keys® are six-page loose-leaf monographs summarizing key policing topics and issues in a succinct, reader-friendly format, suitable for academy, roll-call, or in-service training.  Training Keys are available to IACP members only. More about Training Keys.  

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