Leading by Legacy Advisory Group Members

Francis Bradley
Chief of Police
Hualapai Nation Police Department (AZ)

Diane Clarke
Major (Ret.)

Louis Dekmar
Chief of Police
LaGrange Police Department (GA)

Julia Grimes
Colonel (Ret.)

Larry Hesser 
Chief of Police (Ret.)

David L. Kurz
Chief of Police
Durham Police Department (NH)

Rodney Mendoza
Chief of Police (Ret.)

W. Dwayne Orrick
Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office (GA)

Paul Schultz
Chief of Police (Ret.)
Canon City Police Department (CO)

Joanna Vitek
Chief of Police(Ret.)

Adam Weingartner
Ottawa Police Department (KS)

Mitch Weinzetl
Chief of Police
Buffalo Police Department (MN)



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