LEIM 2011 Conference Presentations By Track

All files are in PDF format. 

Presentations from the 2011 LEIM Conference are available below, organized by conference track. Although some presentations are not presently available, we will periodically update this page as missing presentations are posted. Other presentations are not available online because they contain sensitive information not suitable for open dissemination.


Intelligence-Led Policing and the Challenges of Implementing Technologies with the Smaller Agency

California Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs’ Associations Statewide Data Sharing Committee

The ARJIS Regional Law Enforcement Information Dashboard (ARLEID) Project

NJ-DEx & InfoShare: New Jersey Case Study of Statewide Incident and Intel Programs

State, Local, and Tribal Based Domestic Security (SLT101)

CCTV Proliferation and Comprehensive Operational, Legal and Policy Directives
  • The Chicago Story
  • SDI CCTV Proliferation Operational, Legal & Policy Issues

National Data Exchange Program (N-DEx): Connecting the Dots
  • The Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N-DEx)
  • The Information Sharing Environment (ISE)

The Convergence of Strategic Planning, Project Management and Law Enforcement Technology

Enhancing Information Sharing to Address and Solve Fatal Police Shootings

Predictive Analytics for Law Enforcement: In Theory and In Practice


The Maryland Offender Management System: Sharing offender data between agencies and across political boundaries

Location-Based Services for Police

FBI’s Next Generation Identification Program

Good to Great – Leveraging Existing SharePoint and ERSI Mapping Technologies to Drive Operational Strategies

Agency Assessment and Planning for Cybercrime Investigation and Digital Evidence Handling Capabilities

Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety

Smart Policing and Technology

LPR Experience in Washington, DC

NVLS - National LPR Data Access for Law Enforcement Only


Setting the Stage for Statewide Exchange of Incident Information in Iowa: Working with Local Law Enforcement Organizations & the Vendor Community to Encourage Participation in N-DEx

Discussion Panel on Mobile Computing

The Advantages of Digital Media: Transitioning, Safeguards, and Security

Nationwide SAR Initiative

Preparing for What’s Next: Mobile Computing Deployments in the 2012 Police Vehicles

Cyber/High Tech Crimes and Information Sharing: Are They Missing Each Other?
  • NSI
  • Mark R. Gage

Facial Recognition Utilizing Driver License Images

Technology Used to Manage Major Sporting Events

GFIPM – Supporting all Levels of Government Toward the Holy Grail of Single Sign-on

Getting the GISST - Global Information Sharing Solutions Toolkit


Introduction to the Unified CAD Functional Specifications Project (UCADS): A Public Safety Information Sharing and Interoperability Program

Alerts and Warnings via Social Media

Long Term Evolution (LTE) – Transforming Mission-Critical Communications

ALPR Data Sharing/Interoperability and Policy and Procedures

Improving Incident Response with Interoperable LTE/P25 Communications

LPR: Contrasting Two Different Approaches to Sharing
  • ARJIS Regional License Plate Reader Sharing
  • Maryland's LPR Program and Policy Overview

Fixed ALPR Technology and Implementation "Best Practices"

Guidelines for Successfully Deploying and Using Wireless Video Surveillance Systems for Public Safety

Virtualization of Your Training Classrooms and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Quickly and Securely

Working Smarter Not Harder – Leveraging Technology to Enhance Offender Information Sharing, and Promote Public Safety and Successful Offender Reentry

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