Past IACP/iXP Excellence in Technology Award Winners

iXP LogoOverview: The IACP/iXP Excellence in Technology Award Program recognizes law enforcement agencies’ superior achievement and innovation in the field of communication and information technology. This international award program is designed to recognize leading practices through solutions that benefit law enforcement as a profession and innovative implementation of common off-the-shelf hardware/software.

6th Annual IACP/iXP Excellence in Technology Award Winners (2009)
Excellence in Law Enforcement Communications and Interoperability

Washington County area Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Agencies Cooperative “Interoperable Communications Initiative”
Washington City Public Safety

Standard Based P-25: Communications and Interoperability Project
Kerrville Police Department

Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)
Memphis Police Department

Regional/Multi Jurisdictional
Excellence in Law Enforcement Communications and Interoperability at the Democratic National Convention, August 2008
City & County of Denver, & City of Lakewood, Colorado

Response to Computer Related Crime

Regional/Multi Jurisdictional
Rapid Extraction and Analysis Program
U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, Computer Crime Investigative Unit

Innovation in Information Technology

Technology on Patrol
Soldotna Police Department

Regional Crime Mapping Project
Gardena Police Department

Emergency Monitoring Program
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Regional/Multi Jurisdictional
National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
National Forensic Science Technology Center

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Program Contact:

David J. Roberts
Senior Program Manager
IACP Technology Center
703-836-6767 ext. 315

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