2002 J. Stannard Baker Award Winners

Russell J. Arend, Director Emeritus, Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM)
Sergeant Tony L. Young, Kentucky State Police

Russell J. Arend, Director Emeritus, Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM)

Russell Arend was selected as a 2002 recipient of this prestigious award for his lifetime commitment to excellence in highway safety training; his accomplishments should serve as an inspiration to all who have chosen to work in highway safety. During his more than four decades of dedication to making roadways safer, he served as

  • the founding Director of IPTM, until his December 2001 retirement
  • a member of the IACP’s Highway Safety Committee for two decades
  • either the Chair or Co-Chair of the Highway Safety Committee of the Florida Chiefs of Police Association since its inception
  • the Director of Training at the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety for 13 years
  • an associate in the Safety Division of the Automotive Safety Foundation in Washington, D.C.
  • a traffic analyst with the St. Louis Police Department
  • a police officer in Birmingham, Michigan

He still remains active in the management of IPTM’s highway safety programs sponsored by the Florida Office of Highway Safety, programs which 9,000 law enforcement officers attend each year.

Mr. Arend is best known for his pioneering efforts to develop innovative programs to solve highway safety problems. After establishing a core curriculum in crash investigation (At-Scene, Advanced, and Reconstruction courses), he scheduled, in 1982, his first “Special Problems in Crash Investigation/Reconstruction” program, which just observed its twentieth anniversary.

The following IPTM programs were developed at Mr. Arend’s direction and under his supervision:

  • Police Traffic RADAR Instructor
  • Police Traffic Laser Instructor
  • Traffic Case Preparation
  • Police Motorcycle Instructor
  • DUI Instructor
  • Motorcycle Crash Investigation
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation
  • Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation
  • Advanced Reconstruction Using Computers
  • Tire Forensics for the Crash Investigator
  • Vehicle Kinematics
  • Computerized Collision Diagramming
  • In-Car Video

Sergeant Tony L. Young, Kentucky State Police

Sergeant Young was selected as a 2002 recipient of this prestigious award for his sustained, continuous and career-spanning extraordinary initiative and creativity in developing and promulgating traffic safety programs within the Commonwealth of Kentucky and for the benefit of its residents.

As a 24-year law enforcement veteran, Sergeant Young has served the Kentucky State Police for almost two decades and has been designated since 1997 as Commander of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. During his tenure in this assignment, the number of seat belt citations issued by all of the Commonwealth’s law enforcement agencies has increased 70%. Sergeant Young’s most notable efforts—though by no means all of his accomplishments—include:

  • Hosting in 1997 a Youth Symposium entitled “Building Safe Communities” where more than 400 law enforcers and educators addressed such topics as drinking/driving and teenage drivers
  • Identifying in 1997 the need for occupant protection training for law enforcement and organizing Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies (TOPS) training
  • Teaching in 1998 “Highway Safety Grant” and grant-writing classes both to new police chiefs and to local agencies
  • Developing in 1998 the award-winning Buckle Up Kentucky “Thank You Ticket” campaign
  • Producing in 1999 a two-hour training video on Child Passenger Safety, which has been viewed by all Kentucky police officers
  • Conducting in 1999 a MADD Student Activist Training Workshop which discussed underage drinking, occupant protection, and DUI laws and which included a demonstration using impaired-driving goggles and a mock arrest
  • Facilitating in 1999 an Occupant Protection Workshop on rural highway safety
  • Coordinating in 2000 testimony for Kentucky’s .08 Open Container/Repeat DUI Offender Law
  • Designing in 2000 the Highway Safety Office’s single largest law enforcement event—held at the Kentucky Motor Speedway—to place special emphasis on occupant protection and on the “team law enforcement” concept
  • Testifying in 2001 before General Assembly’s House Transportation Committee in support of Kentucky’s Primary Seat Belt Law bill
  • Spearheading in 2001 and directing all aspects of Kentucky’s Click It or Ticket campaign

In nominating Sergeant Young for the 2002 J. Stannard Baker Award, Deputy Commissioner Linda B. Mayberry summed up well Sergeant Young’s continuing professional contribution to highway safety when she emphasized his “professional approach, meticulous research, thoroughness, dedication to his work, ability to partner with other agencies/personnel for the furtherance of highway safety, and his impeccable leadership. . . .”

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