Sample Presentations

This section includes numerous PowerPoint presentations on a wide range of suicide-related topics. These presentations are provided for educational purposes and as a resource for agencies looking to create their own similar presentations. Advance through the slides to view all information.

General Suicide Presentations
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals and Objectives for Action Retooling the Village [FRCPI]
Suicide Epidemiology in the United States, (2004) NCSPT Suicide Preventability Workshop
Trends in Rates and Methods of Suicide, Harvard Injury Control Research Center and SPRC
Florida’s Commitment to Suicide Prevention [FRCPI]

Law Enforcement Suicide Overview
Police Suicide: In Harm’s Way II [FRPCI]
Stress Behind the Badge: Understanding The Law Enforcement Culture and How It Affects The Officer and Family…Plus Tools and Skills To Overcome The Challenges [FRPCI]
Death by Their Own Hand: Have We Failed to Protect Our Protectors? [LASD]
Code of Silence/Culture of Suicide: Why Law Enforcement Officers Keep Killing Themselves Despite Our Prevention Efforts [LAPD]

Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Dealing with Depression & Suicide Situations: Tactics for Prevention and Intervention [SBSD]
Law Enforcement Suicide: Tactics for Prevention and Intervention [FRCPI]
Law Enforcement Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention [LASD]

More Sample Suicide Prevention Program Materials


These resources were compiled by the IACP Police Psychological Services Section with assistance from:

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