Public Information Officers Section

The PIO section promotes the exchange of information and training among officers responsible for planning and implementing effective public information programs.

Upcoming Meetings:

PIO Mid-Year Meeting (April 11-13, 2016) Kansas City, MO

Past Meetings:

PIO Mid-Year Meeting (June 22-24, 2015) in Arlington, Texas
PIO Mid-Year Meeting (May 18-21, 2010) in Toronto, Ontario Canada
PIO Mid-Year Meeting (May 28-30, 2008) in Arlington, Texas
PIO Mid-Year Meeting (June 19-22, 2007) in Boise, Idaho
PIO Mid-Year Meeting (April 19-21, 2006) in Arlington, Virginia
PIO Mid-Year Meeting (June 15-18, 2005) in Everett, Washington

For more information, contact Sarah Guy, staff liaison, at 1-800-THE-IACP Ext. 226
Publication now available:

Best Practices in Law Enforcement Public Information
Drawing from the experience of police chiefs, their public information officers, and media personnel, this book illustrates the importance of having an effective police-media relationship. It provides the modern police executive with a comprehensive guide for developing, maintaining, and improving this critical relationship. To order this publication, please contact or 800-843-4227 x 319.  The cost is $24.95 for IACP members and $29.95 for non-members.