Forensic Science Committee

IACP August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award
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National Forensic Science Week (August 11-17)
Planning Guide

This committee shall track, study and consider issues involving the use of the forensic sciences. They will provide support, advice and policy direction, as well as recommend new initiatives (projects), directives, and draft resolutions for use by the Association. The committee shall seek to recognize excellence in forensic service providers in law enforcement agencies. They shall provide opportunity for members of the Association concerned with forensic sciences to keep abreast and informed of:

  • Forensic technologies, and where they can be accessed
  • Management of forensic services
  • Legal issues related to forensic science and investigations
  • Investigative and evidentiary uses of forensic services
  • Forensic components associated with counter-terrorism and/or mass disaster
  • New forensic technologies
  • Quality assurance in forensic services
  • International, National, and State database applications related to forensic services
  • Relationships with crime scene investigation, evidence storage, identification units, and medical examiners
  • Relationships and coordination with other branches of the Criminal Justice System, such as the NDAA and APRI.
  • Availability of training in the forensic sciences, to include crime scene investigation, identification, and evidencing.
  • Support for forensic science service providers
  • Partnering to Ensure Public Safety

For more information, contact Michael Rizzo, staff liaison, 1-800-THE-IACP Ext. 818

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