Civil Rights Award Criteria

IACP Membership Status for Nominees

Programs, projects, and individuals nominated for an IACP Civil Rights Award must be submitted under the name of an IACP member in good standing. That person may nominate a program, project, or an individual in his or her own agency, but may also recognize programs in other agencies. This award is intended for agencies with IACP membership representation among their executive officers. Persons nominated for an individual achievement award need not be members of IACP, but should be sworn law enforcement personnel who are employed by agencies with IACP representation.

Award Categories

Single-Agency Program or Project Award: The nominated program or project must have been initiated, developed and/or managed by a single law enforcement agency with a significant law enforcement nexus. At least one executive (e.g. chief, sheriff, director of public safety, or other senior official with administrative oversight) within that agency must be an IACP-member-in-good-standing.

Multi-Agency Team Award: The nominated team must consist of members from different law enforcement agencies that have worked together to address a civil rights crime or a civil rights related community problem. This category includes multi-agency law enforcement task forces or inter-agency task forces with a significant law enforcement nexus. As above, a law enforcement executive within at least one of these agencies must be an IACP-member-in-good-standing.

Individual Achievement Award: The nominated individual must be an IACP member or a sworn law enforcement officer of a federal, state, local or tribal law enforcement agency recognized by the IACP. An agency recognized by IACP is defined as one led by law enforcement executive who is an IACP-member-in-good-standing.

International Human Rights Award: The nomination must meet the eligibility requirements for a program, team, or individual achievement award described in the above categories. In addition, the achievements must relate to promoting or securing basic human rights in countries other than the U.S. This category is specifically intended for programs and projects that combat and/or prevent fundamental human rights violations such as human trafficking or other forms of systematic exploitation of individuals or groups that are based on cultural, ethnic, religious, or other group statuses. Unless the program addresses an issue involving fundamental human rights, programs from countries other than the U.S. should be submitted in one of the categories described above.

Additional criteria and detailed instructions are provided with the application form.

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